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im so worried about my health,but my doctors said that im ok? i have barelled chest, sometimes i feel pain, i went to 5 doctors already they checked my ecg, my blood pressure and it all came out ok and all of my doctors said that its anxiety and theres nothing to worry about, they said that my body produces gas whenever im panicking, that theres nothing nothing wrong with my body, just need to know if there are other individuals who are also in this condition,please give me a good advice on how will i free my mind,thanks very much,GOD Bless us all

I have anxiety disorder and I have tried the following to fix it:

1. Lithium- works well but I have really really high anxiety so I needed something better

2. Wellbutrin-did not work with my bodys chemistry, made me really weird

3. Lexapro (SSRI)- worked amazingly but I had NO sex drive which was depressing (how ironic)

4. Celexa (SSRI)-just like Lexapro but I liked the Lexapro better, I felt a teeny bit better on it (no it was not the placebo effect because I thought it was still Lexapro)

5. 5-HTP-works just like Lexapro for me but it is way cheaper and completely natural, and I have my sex drive back.

6. For temporary relief, Xanax is Gods gift to the anxious. If you are going into a situation which may cause anxiety you can take one and they kick in in 20 minutes and last 6 hours. If you are having a panic attack you can put one under your tongue and they take effect in 5-10 min. I have high anxiety and panic attacks, so I know what you are feeling. First of all, you need to know that you are not alone in this. The symptoms for a anxiety/panic attackare almost identical to that of a heart attack. I get stabbing pains in my chest, my throat feels lik its closing, etc...You should talk to a doctor. There is not a anxiety med that I think works well without affecting you like a narcotic would. I recently went on wellbutrin (antidepression med) and that is working great. I used to be on Lexapro, that was good, but wellbutrin is better for pregnancy so I switched. Paxil is another one you could use, but that made my hands shake. There are countless antidepression meds, but these are the ones that I have experience with. I also take Ativan when I feel anxious. This is a narcotic, so you cant drive or concentrate very well after taking it. Talk to someone (a doc) about this. There are treatments available, so this is not hopeless. Another thing is that anxiety is not all in your head. Its a chemical imbalance that you cannot make go away on your own. If you have more questions or just want to talk to someone who knows what you are feeling, email me...

Good luck! ... the salt good for health? Some doctors say it is good ...

It is not bad, if you eat it in decent amounts. It also has to do with your age, gender and weight. If you are young and normal in weight then it is not bad, as long as you dont eat tons of it. But, if for example you have a high blood pressure problem, then it is bad. There are alot of salts around...If you mean sodium chloride or known as table salt i will say eat in moderate amount since most of the time the food we ate contains more than enough salt our body need (Eg potato chips) Your kidney will have a though time removing excess salt so please eat in moderate amount =) Does Doctors Health Press print a homeopathic news letter?

I am not sure if they do !

Here are some useful sites for News,Views, reviews and research about Homeopathic Medicine, I hope they come in handy :-) !

Take Care, God Bless and Have a Nice Day ! Yes they do:

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