Asthma and exercise.

Asthma and exercise.

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Formerly, asthma and exercise were not thought to go together well. An asthmatic attack can be a frightening experience that one does not want to repeat. Many people who suffer from the breathing disorder think that you cant have asthma and exercise but this is simply not true. Take, for example, Jerome Bettis. This famous athlete helped take the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl with his impressive charges. His strength and agility paved the way for a division championship that eventually led to the mother of all football events, the Super Bowl.

Jerome Bettis can attest that you can definitely have asthma and exercise because he suffers from the condition himself. He did not let his condition stand in the way of his dream of becoming a professional football player. He proved that asthma and exercise can coexist. He also proved that you can have the breathing disorder and still achieve athletic greatness. Some argue that asthma and exercise should coincide.

Exercise can help your body take in more oxygen. Working out can help your body breathe better. It improves circulation that sends oxygen through the blood and into the cells. You dont have to push yourself as much as Jerome Bettis has done over the years. However, a consistent workout can really help you perform better in everyday activities. A person can have asthma and exercise on a regular basis especially if the activity is reasonable and realistic.

If you are generally out of shape and have a breathing condition then you most definitely want to consult your doctor. It is usually recommended that everyone no matter what condition should speak to his doctor before starting a workout program. People who have asthma and exercise should let their doctors know about their activities. The physicians may have some very valuable input. They can recommend a specific program that can help asthma and exercise to get along. Of course, you should also listen to your body.

You may already know what triggers an asthmatic attack, making sure that your condition will not be triggered through a workout is very important. The key to successfully incorporating a regular workout routine into your daily life is to take things slowly. Dont try to run a marathon in your first attempt. If you pay attention to your bodys cues and if you consult your doctor you may find that you can have asthma and exercise as well.