Philips DirectLife Activity Monitor

Philips DirectLife Activity Monitor

The Philips DirectLife Monitor is not just a monitor. It is a program that provides you assistance in setting and reaching your activity, weight loss and health goals.

The DirectLife is an activity program, made up of 12 week plans that help you reach your fitness goals. The monitor shows you what impact your daily activity has toward those goals. After a few weeks of use, you will have a much better idea of what you do that helps you achieve your goals. In order to use the monitor, a subscription to the DirectLife website is required. The system builds a profile about you, using information such as age, height and weight in order to calculate your calorie burn rates.

In the Starter Package, you receive the Activity Monitor, necklace, pouch and USB adapter. The activity monitor is about one inch square and can be worn loosely in your pocket or around your neck using the provided necklace. The device tracks activity using the Philips Tracmor system, which measures the acceleration of your body. It is necessary to wear the monitor in the same way every day, but if it is necessary to change how you wear it, the settings are easy to change. Indicator lights on the monitor provide some idea in real-time of how you are progressing.

DirectLife Activity Monitor
DirectLife Activity Monitor

The Direct Life system uses the first week of use to assess your current level of activity. This is intended to provide you a reasonable basis for creating a personal activity plan. From the assessment data, the system will recommend a customized 12 week plan for you. The plan will have daily calorie goals that are incrementally increased throughout the 12 weeks. Every member of DirectLife is given a personal coach that can answer questions by email and help to specialize your plan for your lifestyle and personal situation.

Customer Review:

And here''s what some of the customers who bought the Philips Direct Life Activity Monitor have to say about it:

...Because the activity monitor measures movement at your core, not all activities are measured correctly, particularly cycling or weight training. I also found that my elliptical and stair climber workouts weren''t measured well. This can be frustrating for an exerciser, especially when you fall short of your activity goals because some workouts weren''t measured. The monitor also doesn''t measure any activity lasting under 10 minutes...

...Overall the Philips Activity Monitor is impressive. This small yet sophisticated device is an excellent way to motivate yourself with reasonable activity goals that gradually increase over time. It''s a great choice for sedentary people, but regular exercisers may find the lack of accuracy during workouts frustrating...

...You are signing up for a service, and the monitor is USELESS without the service...

...I love the Direct Life. Its very easy to use, just put it on almost anyway. I was overestimating my calorie expenditure based on books, etc. so DirectLife is very helpful. I can wear it swimming - it isn''t harmed at all by immersion in water. The little charts, etc fascinate me, I love to see my activity climbing up to match the line. I also like the suggested activities. Sure, we all know them but do we really "know" them and even more important do we "use" them. I think its a great buy for the money and its really helping me increase by activities...

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