Acupuncture is a self treatment method, without requiring to any other external effect, and injecting anything to body, by pricking the very thin needles.

Acupuncture is a self treatment method, without requiring to any other external effect, and injecting anything to body, by pricking the very thin needles.


Acupuncture is a self treatment method, without requiring to any other external effect, and injecting anything to body, by pricking the very thin needles.

There are many diseases, on which the acupuncture treatment, which is proved with ''''Studies with Scientific Control Group'''' and approved by WHO (World Health Organization), gave positive results;

Back, loin, neck, sciatic, rheumatoid arthritis, Acute Epigastralgia, Peptic Ulcer, Acute and chronic gastritis, Abdominal pains.

Face (trigeminal neuralgia), Head (megrim, dysbarism, caused by stress and neck arthritis ), Throat (Tonsillitis reasoned) pains,

sudden trachelismus (neck stiffness),

Stroke (first 3–6 month), Peripheral facial stroke

Fibromyalgia and Tendinitis

Ulcerative colitis

Pregnancy induced nausea and vomiting,

Essential hypertension

Primary dysmenorrheal

Premenstrual stress syndrome

Alcohol addiction and detoxification, Morphia, cocaine and heroin addiction, Nicotine Addiction,

Diabetes Mellitus (insulin independent: Type 2)

Male and female infertility

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Reducing of labor pain

Recurrent lower urinal infections

Post herpetic end pains

Losing Weight with Acupuncture

How is the acupuncture effective for Losing Weight?

Acupuncture supported your weight loosing with 5 conditions.

1- Reducing the appetite and hungriness.

2- Prevent heartburn and paresis.

3- Preventing weakness and prostration.

5- It has a role for regulating, accelerating the metabolism

When all these come together, prepare the overweighted person to lose weight. According to this, the excess weights are started to be lost with the acupuncture treatment, once a week. After reducing to ideal weight, persons are been taken to ''''PROTECTION TREATMENT''''. It is kept to continue with magnetic ball (active coal with magnet as big as a needle head), once three week. In this period not diet but healthy feeding is carried on, so the weight is fixed, later required to check 2 or 3 times, yearly.

We can liken the acupuncture to TV remote, how known programs are monitoring when you push to known keys, also when done application to known points with the acupuncture needles, warning will go to brain. Appetite suppressant condition, as a result of the signals, sent to brain from warned points via acupuncture needles, will perform to rise self endorphin, especially ''''Beta endorphin'''' (morphine, produced by the body).

With this warning, done by acupuncture, your hungriness and appetite broke down, nerve system silenced, your metabolism will went up and self control of organism rose. The importance of acupuncture, while weight loosing, is interested in to help taking the appetite center, which is located at brain, under control.

The needle, affixed to earlaps, provides not to feel hungry, if you get hungry, feel full with less food. Because of needles, your appetite center will be taken under control, equably. You will observe that, your overeating habituate reduced, nervous situation disappeared, heartburn and paresis gone with the reason of hungriness. Also, during the acupuncture treatment, there are no complaining about hypotension and weakness. Shortly, you can lose weight easily without expected hungriness complains, and besides without being bored any more.

The superiority of acupuncture treatment to other methods is treating with giving no harm to the body. It is required to change the needle, affixed for feeling of fullness, once a week, because this effect is disappeared during a week. Weight check must be done, once a week

Concerns of Acupuncture

How the loss of weight is realizing with the help of acupuncture?

With acupuncture treatment, the people are been getting ready to lose weight. In reality, the weights are getting reduced by means of food programs, prepared as private. Acupuncture has not a direct effect for weight loosing, this is known wrong up to date. But slimming treatment and diet is being easier to apply with effect of acupuncture. Acupuncture treatment is helping to dieters with five items:

1. Appetite is been breaking and closing. There is no necessity any more for the endorphin hormone (happiness hormone), rising when we are eating, because acupuncture treatment is making released endorphine to body.

2. Regulating metabolism rate and activity.

3. It is removing the probable side effects which can come up during applying of diet, such as epigastric burning and heartburn, tension and hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. It is taking away the eating, for staying, which is subject to feeling hungry because of hungriness due to hypoglycemia and epigastric burning at stomach complains

4. It is reducing the stress level which is seen at dieters. By this means, regulating the hormone and enzyme activities which are sourcing from stress and preventing weight loss. So also it is beneficiary for the people, saying '''' in fact water is subject for me to take weight''''. Because generally the people, under stress and as a natural result of that, the enzyme and hormone activities are irregular, are taking weight quickly.

5. Prevents weakness and fatigue.

Talking that ''''the weights, lost with acupuncture treatment, are been coming back''''. Is this saying true? What are the reasons ?

Absolutely ''''no''''. This saying is a very unfair thought, ascribed to acupuncture treatment. Because whether any program of all, the common false is the belief of losing weight is a temporary period. People are saying that ''''I will follow this program or treatment and give 10 kg''''. They are applying and loosing weights, and cutting the feeding program suddenly. The body is taking all the weights with more as a reaction. After losing weight, the important point is adapting and adjusting the body for the new condition. And this is realizing with the one, named as ''''Protection program''''. A ''''Protection program'''' is been applying with a ratio of amount of the lost weights of persons. The body is getting familiar to it''s new weight and the people, applying this, don''t take weights back as a shock.

Are there any side effects of acupuncture treatment or application?

Because of not giving any external chemical agent to the body, absolutely it is a natural treatment and there is no side effect.

There are three conditions not to apply:

2. Cancer patients who are under radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment.

3. People whose heart is supported by pace-maker (heart battery)

Except these people, it can be applied to everybody.

Who can apply the acupuncture treatment? Is there any control and sanction application of Ministry of Health on this subject?

In Turkey, for applying of acupuncture treatment , first of all applier should be a ''''doctor'''', graduated from Medical or Dentistry Faculty. But also for this Ministry of Health brought a rule and application. Doctors who has ''''Application and Authority Certificate'''' which is given by Ministry of Health, can do this treatment.

Is there a age level for acupuncture treatment?

Acupuncture treatment can be applied at every age, because it is an application which is completely natural, not including chemical substances.

İs there any side effect of acapuncture treatment?

There is no side effect of the treatments, since making in the frame of hygiene and rules.

In acapuncture treatment, how is it decided for doing the application with needle or laser acapuncture ?

Besides of classic body acapuncture needles which are similar to permanent ear capillary needles, for the people who has the needle fear(generally children), also the laser acapuncture treatment may be used.

Is there any effect of acapuncture on children for malnutrition?

Acapuncture application can apply to budding children for loosing appetite. But the feeding program, will be applicated, should be adjusted very carefully, by taking into account of the children are at budding ages.

Is this method suitable also for the betwetter children, especially?

In the EnuresisNokturnae (betwetter) positions, if the basic reason is not anatomic ( urinary bladder muscle weakness, urinar system infection, compression of nerves which is innerved the urinary bladder), the result with acapuncture treatment is at 75-80% ratio which is very satisfactory.

Is it possible to treat the diseases such as phthisic, allergy, dysbarism which are especially starting at childhood ages at the recent past with acapuncture treatment?

The acapuncture treatment at allergic phthisic, allergy and dysbarism events, like the same for all diseases , should evaluate and treat by the specialist of the subject such as '''' Chest diseases'''', ''''Ear Nose and Throat'''', first of all. Acapuncture treatment is an alternative and should be experienced for the people, whose treatment is not successful. The successful results are so many that they can''t be ignored.

For what the acapuncture sessions show changes?

The respond is changing related to age, sex and person. It should not be forgotten that, every organism has different structure from the others. But, very generally it is possible to say that being chronic of disease on the person is depend on the time, passed, patient''s youngness and the early diagnosis give advantage on this subject.

Is the acapuncture treatment suitable for pregnants?

In our society, there are some wrong opinions about acapuncture. Although the acapuncture treatment is without side effect and completely natural, the bias of ''''Acapuncture treatment is not applied during thhe pregnancy'''' is continuing. But reason to settling of this wrong opinion is the pregnant people can not do the hard diet and feeding program like the normal people who has overweight, with acapuncture treatment. With a suitable feeding program, acapuncture treatment, for weight control, doen''t be harmful either for the mother or the baby.

Can the pregnant women maintain their forms without having any harm?

In this period, the acapuncture treatment, necessary to apply, and given diet should be regulate by ''Obstetrician and Gynecologist'''' , who is following the pregnancy. The acapuncture treatment can be applied with confidence for not taking so much weight which is more than required, preventing the sprinkling of pregnancy crave during the pregnancy period. Besides, the treatment can be applied to the people who have excessive qualm since pregnancy for her problem. At the other hand, during the pregnancy, the people who wanted to prevent from the harms of smoking , can benefit from acapuncture for stopping smoke.

Is it possible to exility treatment with acapuncture?

Acapuncture treatment, can be applied to the people, who tried all treatment methods (tube baby, microinjection etc) but couldn''t take the result , to the people who don''t have any structural defect ( plugged tubes etc.). This treatment method should be tried as a last choice, definitely. There is a energy equilance at human body, as being at all over the natura. The positive results which are depended to regulating the equilance again,basicly, are so many that could not despised.