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The Dynamax medicine balls and CrossFit. It was like a match made in heaven. The right medicine ball for performing sport specific training; having a big diameter and soft shell the Dynamax ball allowed for high velocity movements without worrying about bashing in your face. CrossFit couples high intensity, full physique, movements created to move as a lot weight as you possibly can as far as you possibly can as fast as possible.

Merge the two and you have wall ball. The monster physical exercise that causes powerful males to wilt into puddles of sweat and tears. The 20 lb Dynamax ball presented the perfect tool for taxing the whole physique physically and mentally, but it was destined to be much more like a Hollywood marriage then a long term relationship.

The dynamax medicine balls are influence absorbing, moisture resistant, and are made from 70% post-consumer recycled materials. The regular ball comes in a black and grey casing. The design and building of the Dynamax balls ensures that theyll remain dimensionally stable and balanced. The balls possess a friendly really feel and will absorb high velocity influence, making them fun to use for throughout a vigorous workout.

Dynamax Medicine Balls are very top quality medicine balls. The one I have is 8lbs and it is great for doing core function. You can choose from a wide variety of colors in every weight category, which makes Dynamax one of the most versatile medicine balls produced. The building is top notch and since its produced from over 70% recycled material, it is fantastic for the atmosphere. You will get years if not a life time of use from the ball.

The soft-shell building and balanced, uniform weight of this medicine ball makes it simple to handle. It remains dimensionally stable and balanced while supplying functional resistance during any fitness, sport, or rehabilitation exercise. Perfect for medicine ball exercises exactly where bounce isnt wanted or for grip coaching.

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