The Atkins Diet Made Easy

The Atkins Diet Made Easy

The New England Journal of Medicine, found that people on the high-protein, high-fat, low-carbohydrate Atkins diet lose twice as much weight over six months as those on the standard low-fat diet recommended by most major health organizations.

Gary D. Foster, PhD, clinical director of the weight and eating disorders program at the University of Pennsylvania, repots "The Atkins diet works at producing weight loss. If you are looking for weight loss, yes, it works. If you are looking for improvement in triglycerides and HDL cholesterol, yes, it works. "
This Diet works better and faster then low fat and low calorie Diets.

Yes, The Atkins Diet made quick and easy!!
Have you been trying to make heads or tails of the latest diet that has taken the community by storm? Trying to count "carbs" and finally given up because it was just to difficult and confusing?

We have taken Dr. Atkins' diet and calculated a six week program that tells you EXACTLY what to eat and when. No more guessing on what, how much and when to eat!!
The pounds and inches will disappear as you follow this low carbohydrate, high protein diet calculated to be in the perfect Atkins ratio for all meals and snacks.

Lose Weight & Improve Your Health Now

The Atkins Diet Made Easy by Diet 4U Online, helps you to lose weight while bringing your cholesterol, triglycerides and body fat down to a healthy level. It's a simple plan that is easy to follow, and actually reduces the hunger pangs and cravings that initially contributed to your weight gain by restricting carbohydrates.

You will be surprised at the way pounds and inches disappear as you follow this low carb. diet, which was developed using the latest findings from Atkins.

Who benefits froma High Protein Low Carbohydrate Diet?This diet is for everyone! If you are seeking to be at your ideal body weight, lose excess body fat, improve your health and live a longer and better life this diet is for you. It is ideal for people with diabetes, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease. It will also improve your mental clarity and energy.
How does thisdiet work?The first six weeks will take you through the Induction and Ongoing weight loss phase. Induction is a very low carbohydrate phase for the initial two weeks. You will be consuming 20 grams of carbohydrates a day. As a result of limiting carbohydrate intake, your initial weight loss will be very substantial.

After the two week strict phase, there will be 5 grams of carbohydrate added each week to gradually re-introduce some carbohydrate foods up to 40 grams per week.This will allow a very steady weight loss. You may stay on this program as long as you wish. You will be given the opportunity to sign up for our Pre-maintenance phase and Lifetime maintenance programs after you are done with this six week program.

What will I receive?
You will receive six weeks of Atkins Made Easy meal plans, one week at a time in your email. Each week will come with a shopping list and all delicious, easy to prepare recipes are included. You will also receive your own, private nutritional counselor's email address to answer any questions you might have in the six week period.
What does each week consist of?
The diet initially eliminates simple carbohydrates (sugars) and complex carbohydrates (starches) except for high-fiber vegetables, for the first two weeks. This allows for cravings triggered by High Glycemic foods to be controlled and prevents binge eating. The initial two-week period is considered a “jump start” for weight reduction. Your meal plans will tell you exactly what to eat!

As the diet progresses, controlled amounts of carbohydrate-containing foods are gradually introduced to your weekly meal plans.

Where can I get personal dietary counseling?You will receive your own, private nutritional counselor's email address to answer any questions you might have. The Diet 4U Online's nutritional counselors provide daily (if needed) guidance to help you understand the way the program works and to help you monitor your progress. With their help, you will learn to adjust your food intake according to your body's need for carbohydrates and the way that it reacts to them.
protienDo I have to buy special foodsto be successful on this diet?Not at all. Even in the strictest sense, this diet includes meat, poultry, seafood, cheese, eggs, butter and a wide variety of vegetables. As the diet progresses, some fruits are added to the list of foods you can consume. You will be given a list of foods to include in your shopping list. If you wish to purchase low carb convenience foods, you may, however you do not need to.

How much weightwill I lose?Men lose an average of 6-16 pounds after the first two weeks on this diet. Women lose an average of 4-12 pounds. In subsequent weeks, dieters lose an average of 1-2 pounds each week.

How long do I stay on Diet 4U Online's Atkins Diet Made Easy? You can remain on your Atkins Diet Made Easy until you have almost arrived at your weight goal. After that you may sign up for our Pre-maintenance/Lifetime maintenanceprogram. Our goal is that you will enjoy the way you look and feel so much that you will permanently incorporate the guidelines of our meal plans into your lifestyle.

How much will this six week program cost?
Six weeks of meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, and individualized counseling is only $29.95. This is less then $5 a week. You can kick-start your new, lean and healthy body for less then a cup of coffee per day. And unlike other programs, we will NEVER charge you again! igh protien Atkins